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It's a handmade Stain Turban Hairbandfrom scratch. 
Hand-painted on Satin fabric and stitched together.


Made with love and hard work.
You can style it in your own way, be it pony, bun, or a half-bun or just open hair. Be your own Hair stylist.
Voila! now you got a wearable art piece for your hair too.
Hairbands are a girl's best friends and this is gonna be your special friend since its handpainted and handmade.

Tri Leaves Pine Green Stain Turban HairBand

Only 1 left in stock
  • For more: kindly refer shipping policy & custom made order policy

  • Fabric: Satin

    Colour: Pine Green

    Washable handpained Hairband

    Cleaning: Wash carefully and do not scrub.
    The paint will not bleed and the painting will remain the same.
    Needs ironing after wash, Make sure you iron it backside front only.

    Painting details:

    Floral painting on the band

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