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Ode to Art

The cerebration of RÉBAH emerged when my artwork on fabric left a mark on people’s hearts. 

Being a self-taught artist it is tricky to tag an artwork with monetary value.

RÉBAH is not just a brand, RÉBAH is an abode of emotions, it is a dwelling house of blooming nature that will remind you about your roots and you will fall in love with yourself when you find your soul being lost in the recreation of the cosmos.


When you get yourself an outfit from RÉBAH, You are not just purchasing fabric but you are awarded achievement, a masterpiece that holds love, passion, sincerity, commitment, and dripping days of elbow grease.


Every piece of RÉBAH is personally chosen, handpainted & handcrafted with pure affection, every painting or design is emotive, to make you believe in yourself through art.


Inaya Fatima

Handpainted clothing

“Something which is as small as a pebble or a grain of sand, 

as well as huge like a dense cloud which has the capability to form droplets and turn into crystals.” 

Lilly valley blue silk handpainted dupatta.jpg

I make food for my soul. A self-taught artist, Poetess, Author of "The Book Under My Pillow", Art teacher and Entrepreneur. I've been painting since the age 9, exploring art forms and painting stories on canvases. I've always been passionate towards art, but the will to create authentic art made me an artist that I always want to be. A rebel heart inspiring souls to follow your heart.

Inaya Fatima,

Founder & Chief Designer Officer 

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