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Peachy pond, and huge blooming Lotus flowers and buds all over floating and making its impact on you to enhance your beauty and elegance, the Golden shiny finish each painting holds a royal and rich look because you are no less than a treasure.


This piece has been handcrafted in additional with multiple tiny beads scattered, keeping in mind the colours that have been used for the Lotus. Because detailing matters.

Lotus Pond - Peach

SKU: S002
  • Fabric: Semi Satin

    Colour : Peach & Cream - Dual shaded

    6 Meters saree without blouse piece (Same fabric as saree)

    Cleaning: Wash carefully and do not scrub.
    The paint will not bleed and the painting will remain the same.
    Make sure you iron it backside front, keeping cotton fabric between the iron and handpainted outfit (only if needed)

    This entire handpainted saree has a huge Lotus, buds and leafs painted leaving no space on the fabric, it has a matte satin finish, Soft in feel yet doesnt slip like other satin fabric amke it more manageable makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

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