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Rebah, Your Second Skin : Poem

Let the knots untangle Come a little closer, see a different angle. Let the truth leak, I know in wonder your heart will meek. Is that what you really seek?

Well, now I am here. I shall be the home to your skin, Pin your body within.

Oh, look! How delightful and magnificent now you are seen.

Lighter you hold it or tighter you grab it, Just make sure you hug me every bit. Till you soak in my essence, Camouflage & disguise nature's presence.

And when you are free, I will not bury your touch under the tree. But rather be mindful To water and make you grow colourful.

Because only I know shades of grey or black is not what you will pull.

So take a deep breath. Breathe in and out … In and Out.

Look I am here Swirling tip and toe, Taking baby steps for the big show. Running fingers with care, Just how I brush my hair.

No, I wouldn't lie That what I create is the apple of my eye. Every brush stroke holds my breath. But the beauty and shine bring me back from death.

Oh! Will, you still not believe in what I say? Let me be a home to your skin, body, and soul. Because I promise you will feel whole and slay!

I am closer than you feel. I am just a few finger taps away.


IN A nightingale's YAup

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